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drew_waters's Journal

*** This account is managed by Mr. Waters and his Internet Publicist, beyondthebuzz. Any other accounts bearing his name or likeness are not sanctioned by Mr. Waters or his management. ***

Hey, I'm Drew Waters. Currently a model, actor, and part owner of ReQuest Entertainment. A little about me?

I was born in Akron, Ohio and raised in Texas. I moved to the Dallas area after serving four years in the Navy. While stationed in Virginia Beach, I was an aviation mechanic on F-14 Jets, and that's where I was scouted by several modeling agencies. Following my military discharge, I began traveling the world to Italy, Germany, France and Japan on modeling assignments.

After 8 successful years of modeling for magazine covers and ad campaigns like Structure, Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren POLO, to name a few, I started taking classes and workshops to obtain my dream of becoming an actor. I've been in a lot of commercials and last year I had a guest spot last year on the NBC series, “Surface” and the lead in several independent films. Life is good. I'm currently in the Fireside Entertainment production of "Inspector Mom" that's set to air on the Lifetime Movie Network and Lifetimetv.com in the fall.

I can pretty much sum up my life philosophy this way. After joining the military, getting married, traveling the world through modeling and opening up 4 successful businesses, something was still missing. It took the birth of my first child to realize what it was. So, I sat my family down and said, I want to sell the business and cut back on the travel so I can focus on what I truly want to do in life. I mean, what kind of father would I be telling my kids to chase their dreams and I didn’t? So I am doing just that and my family and I are happier than we have ever been. By the way, my oldest daughter’s dream? To become a Rock Star.